COUNTDOWN TO ELEGANCE (Journey before MFW with Judith Penak Couture)

Chapter 1:Embracing the Ideal Life of Couture

I find myself undertaking an unbelievable voyage packed with fashion, innovation, and excitement as the dynamic city of Melbourne buzzes with excitement for its annual Fashion Week. In the run-up to Melbourne Fashion Week, I’ve been given the amazing chance to enter the world of high fashion and work with a fantastic couturier Judith Penak. Join me as I discuss my ideas and experiences on this fascinating adventure.

My adventure began with an interaction with the couturier, whose atelier is a gold mine of inventiveness and skill.Every opportunity for inspiration should be taken advantage of, from idea generation through fabric selection to design drawing.This is how
collaboration with her makes me grasp these skills 

Follow along as I describe the exciting times of fittings and modifications, where we strive for perfection to make sure each item will shine on the runway.
The magic happens along with difficulties that come with this vital stage, which sees the couturier’s idea come to life as models walk the runway.