Designer Profile

Award winning designer Judith Penak

“Fashion has always been my passion; artistic genes have run through my family for many generations, most of my family has followed the same path of creativity. I am truly inspired by women’s inner beauty and the aura that radiates from within them, when I first meet them.”

Over the many years I have been in Australia, I have honed my skills focusing on bridal, formal & race-wear, strongly specialising in dresses from the 1950′s era.

I pride myself on providing a highly personalised service, which is customer centric and a detail orientated approach to dress-making.

The passion and dedication I have invested in my craft has built my strong reputation in the bridal market … as being accessible to brides with any budget.

As we come from many different backgrounds and have unique circumstances, I believe that each bride is entitled to the gown of her dreams and I will work with you to bring your dream dress to life.


The direction fashion is moving into is very exciting, the discovering of new trends and combinations allows all women to have complete freedom of choice in what they want their inner beauty to portray in their physical appearance.

“Today’s fashion has no rules and no laws – wearing a white silk gown with black leather boots and a black leather jacket, this is just FASHION, what inspires me as a fashion designer, to be able to express my art and creativeness with different fabrics and colours.”

The opportunity to allow girls and women to feel their best in a gown made to their specific body shape is an amazing feeling; all ladies are different and have different desires for what they like to wear and what style works best to complement their body.

“Gowns are like a unique, individual one-off piece of art, they awaken our fantasies of being surrounded by beauty, happiness. They motivate us to open up the depths of our souls and express our inner beauty, allowing our physical beauty to shine.

This is the true vision of the Judith Penak Couture”.